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Mythic Tectus down! US 40 4/7

Zolvolt aOfficer posted Fri at 9:59

Great job everyone! Lets keep on rolling through the content! Holiday schedule begins this monday, make sure to check the forums or the in-game calendar for the days we have off and the mondays we raid to make up for it.
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Week 1 - Over!

Zolvolt aOfficer posted Dec 12, 14
The first week of Mythic has come to end! Two down, five to go! Videos to come :)

The WoD Is Coming. The WoD is here.

Zolvolt aOfficer posted Nov 13, 14
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6.0 tomorrow

vimn a posted Oct 13, 14

The WoD is coming.

vimn a posted Sep 30, 14
Beta is starting to be finalized don't forget to hop on beta to familiarize yourself with the changes happening. We'll have some tl;dr guides on the basics up, zol already has lots of profession information posted. 

We have our best people working on learning more beta stuff.

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