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The WoD is coming.

vimn a posted Tue at 16:09
Beta is starting to be finalized don't forget to hop on beta to familiarize yourself with the changes happening. We'll have some tl;dr guides on the basics up, zol already has lots of profession information posted. 

We have our best people working on learning more beta stuff.

Chambersiziz that dog knows EXACTLY what hes doing, he watched Breaking Bad how hard can it be.
Alaskã I'm gonna meow
The 3rd annual get together is starts on saturday! Tweets from @exiledlegionwow will be spurring for those of you not attending! Pictures will be up some time after the get together, ofcourse giving people time to say "no I don't want that picture public!" and other such things. Check out the gallery for previous years pictures! http://www.exiledlegion.com/gallery

For those going; SEE YOU ALL THERE! I hope you're all excited as I am ;)

Heroic Garrosh

vimn a posted Jan 9, 14

Alaskã Great video!
Mavinaa flee flee flee flee flee flee

Heroic 25m Garrosh Defeated!

Zolvolt aOfficer posted Jan 9, 14

Amazing work Everyone!
Zolvolt aOfficer I fixed it ;)
vimn a jesus zol
Zolvolt aOfficer gdi this website...

Heroic Blackfuse

vimn a posted Nov 22, 13
vimn a just wait, the new album all the kill videos
Closely This....this isn't Glitch Mob.
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